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  1. stuffier

    • stuffy的形容詞比較級
  2. 知識+

    • 誰能幫我翻一段英文?

      Probably I am stuffy really can't return to Previous time 或許我是真的古板的無法回到過去的時光 But I am stuffy to all lead now very Good 但是我的乏味對現在而言是非常不錯的

    • 拜託一下誰英文比較好的幫我翻譯= =

      I am stuffy to want to love each other more and more . 我強烈希望我們能夠愈來愈相愛 . You are my unique. 你是我的唯一 . Love forever your heart is constant . 愛你的心永遠不變 .

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯~如何煮粉圓..

      ...therefore the next stage needed to switch off the furnace fire, started the stuffy powder circle. H.....Depresseds long time quite soft, is stuffy...