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  1. stump speech

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    • 請高手幫忙翻譯這兩段句子

      After his Iowa victory, his stump speech had become a souffle untroubled by much substance of any sort. 在Iowa初選...

    • 美國政府與政治 英文術語

      ...bipartisan[超黨派的] swing state[有決定性影響的州] dirty tricks[卑鄙的手法] stump speech[競選演說] lobbyist[遊說者] bandwagon[領先的一方] spin[扭轉輿論]或[編造謊言] boon...

    • 有關於一段文字敘述,請幫我英文翻譯

      ...if has one kind of very bothersome pressure strength existence to be very busy the speech which not the busy meeting stumped sometimes could appear me not to want frequently to hear I all not to want...