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  1. stupid comedy

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    • 英文要怎麼有幽默感壓 ? _ ?

      An very important thing to remember.... don't be stupid! It sounds like a semi-formal function, so it... more advice, go online and find some clips from comedy shows, it may help. but try not to mimic... good luck...

    • 關於 '' 種類 '' 的英文?

      3) pop music, rock n roll, classics, jazz, .... 2) action, thriller, romance, animation,horror, comedy, science fiction, pornography , Cartoon, Suspicion 1) psycho, mad, solemn, silent, shy, open, active, optimistic, pessimistic, gloomy, skeptic, stupid, slow, sluggish, dumb, crazy, solitary, bi-polar... moody, sentimental, vigorous,somber,dismal, pleasant...