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  1. stupid line

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    • 我要一則未發表過的英文笑話

      ...一個人站在另一條線上 God said you standing on the B line are stupid. 上帝很生氣地罵那些站在B線上的人是笨蛋 The reason why God...

    • 英文的問題幫忙解答 說明答案為什麼這樣

      ...) The underlined word “impulse” in line 15 is closest in meaning to which of...第六感、直覺 (C) senseless decision 不智之舉 (D) stupid bravery 暴虎馮河 希望我的回答有幫助到您,若有任何...

    • 名詞子句 形容詞子句 後位修飾

      ...39;s stupid to go on a date with somebody ( whom) you have only chated with on line? John: I don’t think it's stupid, but it might be dangerous if you go alone. Why did you ask? Kevin...