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    • 高中簡單英文

      ...速率湧入的訂單。 2.( ) more careful with the project,we would not have made such stupid mistakes. A)Had we been B)If it had not ...

    • 這段話是甚麼意思?幫我翻譯成中文

      也可以這麼翻: "Better to make small stupid mistakes and learn from them than to make a big mistake and suffer the consequence for the rest of your life."寧可犯下一些小而愚蠢的錯誤,並且從中學習,不要犯下一個貽害終生的大錯。

    • I make a supid mistake 翻譯?

      I make made a supid stupid mistake 我犯了一個很蠢的錯誤