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  1. styli

    • stylus的名詞複數
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    • 關於記概原文書單字 8. pen computer: 一種電腦, 是使用鼠筆/感應筆/電子筆 (stylus) 直接在螢幕上做輸入輸出的. (See

    • NDS 簡單英文介紹(20點)

      ...before with intuitive touch technology on the bottomscreen. Use the included stylus to tap your way into an exciting new experienceMultiplayerFunCreate...

    • 改善報告請幫忙翻英翻中

      ...如下 Description of Defect Product: The incoming stylus can’t match the dimension specification. 產品瑕疵說明,觸控筆輸入和規格書不...