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  1. subject

    • KK[səbˋdʒɛkt]
    • DJ[səbˋdʒekt]


    • vt.
    • 過去式:subjected 過去分詞:subjected 現在分詞:subjecting

    • 釋義


    • 1. 使隸屬;使服從[(+to)] How can you subject her will to your own? 你怎麼可以要她服從你的意願呢?
    • 2. 使蒙受;使遭遇[H][+to] Her conduct subjected her to public ridicule. 她的行為使她受眾人嘲笑。 This country was once subjected to foreign rule. 這個國家一度曾受外國統治。
    • 3. 提供;呈交
  2. 知識+

    • be subject to vs be subjected to?

      ... reliable information that a student or school employee has been SUBJECT TO any act of bullying or harassing behavior shall report the incident...

    • subject

      原文這句的to subject Sth from the invoice…是有問題或瑕疵的we will agree to subject the freight...container shipment. 理由:1. 從該介係詞from往前推,它的前導動詞,理應用 deduct (而非subject);則整句指「樣品的國際運費將會從日後大貨訂單的發票上扣除」。 2. 如果...

    • be SUBJECT to or be SUBJECTED to?

      Typical uses: (A) phrasal verb: subject somebody/something to something Oxford - [often passive... by regular shortage 3. (B2) 4. (A) subjected - the actor of the verb is loan sharks...