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    • be subject to vs be subjected to?

      ... reliable information that a student or school employee has been SUBJECT TO any act of bullying or harassing behavior shall report the incident to the...

    • Subject to 用在句首的意思?

      > 兩例句中的subject to的精確意思個別是什麼呢? > 還會有什麼樣的意思? Subject to 用在句首的意思﹐是指需按照遵照「subject to」後面的條件﹐或受「subject to」後面的條件所規限 > 例 1: Subject to any statutory liability to the...

    • 關於be subject to 的用法

      be subject to + VR (X) be subject to + Ving 或 N (O) The prices for steel are subject to change. 這個change是名詞, 而非不定詞to V. 單價將依原材料價格變動. ...