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    • 1. 屈服於 They refused to submit to the unjust decision. 他們拒絕服從這個不公正的決定。
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    • that you’ve submitted 這句英文的翻譯

      submit to 有很多用法,不同的意思。 在這裡就是 申請(工作): 英文解釋 submit - make an...我們跟那家研究所申請獎學金 How did you find the job that you’ve submitted to work at this season? 本季你申請的工作,後來覺得如何啊? 2012-01-12 15:55:44...

    • 英文翻譯,有關蜂蜜A4

      ...during its manipulating and packaging, honey is usually submitted to thermal treatment; however, thermal treatment can be detrimental to quality of honey. 因此 在...

    • 關於before和after的用法...

      ...include any prior procedures, gained only a moderate degree of relief before [submitting to a balloon compression procedure 3 months after Cyberknife radiosurgery...