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    • 1. 預訂 She has subscribed for a new Chinese-English dictionary. 她已預訂了一本新編的漢英詞典。
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    • 請問申裝的英文怎麼說

      ...是功能設定, installation才是裝設. 我想要申裝網路或是申裝電話 I want to subscribe for telephone installation. I want to apply for ADSL installation. 2008-09-28...

    • 文法好的人請進來看~~~~

      ... is again in June 11, will therefore produce goods will subscribe for August 13, but I thought that we already had produce...

    • Subscribe to 到底是啥意思?

      subscribe是出自內心自願地認同 是無法被建議或被逼迫來的...2015-05-25 11:35:45 補充: 1. Does the operator subscribe to the operation safety procedure? 版本四:操作者是否...quot; may lack the action nuance but that is what "subscribe to" is about. 2015-05-26 01:00:34 補充...