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    • 1. 同意;支持 I don't subscribe to such views. 我不同意這樣的觀點。
    • 2. 對……捐款 Many people subscribed liberally to the relief fund. 許多人為救災基金慷慨解囊。
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    • Subscribe to 到底是啥意思?

      ...2015-05-25 11:35:45 補充: 1. Does the operator subscribe to the operation safety procedure? 版本四:操作者是否 「因...may lack the action nuance but that is what "subscribe to" is about. 2015-05-26 01:00:34 補充...

    • 一則意思深遠的廣告 (from 經濟學人)

      ...這兒遇上有人討論"The Economist"裡的英文... 試試看吧~ * subscribe to : arrange to receive (a periodical) regularly. * subscribe to : express one's agreement with an...

    • Subscription與Order

      ...receive copies of a magazine or newspaper.(指的是訂閱的費用) If you subscribe to a magazine or a newspaper, you pay to receive copies of it regularly. When...