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  1. subsequent to

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    • 1. (時間)在...之後 The child became ill subsequent to an injection. 這孩子在打針之後就病了。 On the day subsequent to the earthquake he went to London. 在地震發生的第二天, 他去了倫敦。





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    • 請幫我翻譯一下幾個不會的英文單字

      1. subsequent to 繼......之後 The day subsequent to the typhoon, the weather became for your crayons. 我給你一些我的比來交換你的蠟筆. 3. to capacity 容量,容積 The theater is packed to its capacity...

    • 英文句子文法解析

      先說關鍵點: subsequent to = after subsequent to the balance sheet date = after that day 所以在文法...2. 主詞No events + 動詞have occurred之後的subsequent to the balance sheet date請問是不是補語?若是,則是誰的補語?若...

    • 商業相關的英文內容....

      ...the price at which XXX company shares will trade on the market upon or subsequent to their listing or that active market for XXX company shares...