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  1. succeed in


    • ph.
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    • 1. 成功;順利完成 They succeeded in solving the problem. 他們成功地解決了這個問題。
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    • 英文 succeed 和組成的用法

      ... to do. ex: I am sure you will succeed if you work hard. a. Succeed in doing sth: Negotiators have not yet succeeded in establishin...

    • 幫我解答 一下英文文法

      ...motivation and enthusiasm towards their jobs that succeed in the long run.幫我詳細的分析這一個句子的 文法解構...towards their jobs THAT/WHO succeed in the long run. 您是指這些嗎? tks 2008-01-20...

    • 英文文法問題,英文高手請進!!

      ...)what it takes to He has what it takes to succeed in business. what it takes 所需(付出的) take在此只(時間, 勞力)需要; 消耗...