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  1. such as it is

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      (用以對某物質量不好表示歉意或貶抑)雖然質量不過如此; 盡管價值不過爾爾
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    • 1. (用以對某物質量不好表示歉意或貶抑)雖然質量不過如此; 盡管價值不過爾爾 You're welcome to join us for supper, such as it is -- we're only having soup and bread. 歡迎你和我們一起吃晚飯, 只是沒什麼好吃的--只有湯和麵包。 He won't refuse to give you his help, such as it is. 盡管幫不了什麼大忙, 他不會拒絕幫助你的。
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