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  1. suck it and see

    • ph.
      used to suggest that the only way to know if something will work or be suitable is to try it
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      .... ===================================================================== so the word "suck" has become dirty and foul. Then people started to describe foul things/people/...

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      suck has a lot of meanings... suck   (vi.) ( 不及物動詞 intransitive verb )  (vt.) ( 及物...吮吸力[聲];旋渦,(旋渦的)捲入 《例句》 a child at suck 乳兒 give suck to... 【古】給…吃奶 have [take] a suck...

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      ...'m Miley, and yours? Have I seen you somewhere? Have we met? It's so nice out here today. It rains again, oh that sucks. It's kinda cold right...