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  1. suck it up

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    • 請翻譯Suck it up and move on !!!!

      Suck it up and move on !!!!! 男人漢,忍著點(一下子)就忘它了吧! Came to the...body so I can be stronger ~~~~~ 到健身房 鍛鍊我的身吧! bring it on meow !!!!! Lol 來吧!喵 誰怕誰! 2014-01-18 23:08:13 補充: ...

    • 請問suck it 是什麼意思?

      ...之類的意思, 請參考: vt. 1. 吸,吮,啜,[O8] The baby is sucking its finger. 嬰兒在吮吸手指。 2. 吸收(水分);吸取(知識);獲取(利潤)[(+in/up)] Plants suck up moisture from the earth. 植物從地裡吸收水分。 3. 使捲入...

    • 請問這句的英文-攜幼婦女、70歲以上老人及身心障礙者服務窗口

      ...not sure why men with infant are excluded, but they just need to suck it up this time. Way to go, Girl Power! 2011-08-12 00:12:01 補充...