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  1. suck someone off

    • ph.
      perform fellatio on someone
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    • ph.
      perform fellatio on someone

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • blow job 這個說法是怎麼來的?

      ... (someone) off 跟現代人用的 getting (someone) off 有像。 1960s 以前 blow job 通常是特種行業放在服務...+Jobs 同意詞的話﹐有 blow job, blow, eat, suck dick, suck cock, suck, give head, go down on, go down south...

    • 美國最常用語

      ...等一下 here you go--給你;東西在這裡 suck--遭透了 load up on--吃下大量食物 check...難以掌控的人事物 hang out--消磨時間 off-the-charts--破表的 I give...--要開始了 take a lot out of(someone)--花了某人不少功夫 cheat on(someone...

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      ... only makes you a fool when you try to show your talent to someone who is better than you. 18. It takes courage and determination...