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  1. suction pump

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    • 請幫忙翻譯pump的零件名稱

      pump Hose joint 軟(膠)管接口(連接 接合面) Hose nut軟(膠)管螺帽 Ball guide 滾珠導槽 ...-ring O型圈(O型油封) Bellows 伸縮軟管 discharge-side piping排出端(邊)管 suction-side piping吸入端(邊)管 discharge side排出端(邊) suction side 吸入端(邊) Gear Box 齒輪箱...

    • 英文專有名詞 performed to remove fats from an area of human body using a suction-pump device inserted through a small incision., The patient can choose to remove...

    • 有幾句句子需要翻譯

      ...吸附輸送帶掀開清膠桶時,滾輪與輸送帶及鼓風機停止運轉 When the vacuum suction transport belt glue basket is opened for cleaning, the roller, transport belt, and the air pump will stop operating. . 滾輪防捲安全擋板一旦打開,機器立即停止運轉...