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    • 請問誰可以幫我把此篇翻成中文

      ...孤獨和迷茫,並且可以由於是責備自己能幫助他們的夥伴。鼓勵他們談話和表達 2.Anxiety是非常共同的在心臟病患者近似50%患者有在船尾憂慮唔深刻心臟病事件的症狀和...

    • As for what to do的意思

      as for 兩字算是一個 「介係詞」,意思是 「關於」、「至於」。 what to do 是 「應該怎麼做」。在句中,as for what to do if..... 要一起看,意思是 「至於若是......該怎麼做」: As for what to do if you’re already in a relationship with a neurotic partner, research suggests that having more...

    • 英文翻譯-出自the soul of a doctor

      ...2011-12-27 18:38:24 補充: Blended together into an amorphous mosaic of human suffering, Rage,anger,anxiety. Five o’clock in the morning. Was it really Five already...