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    • [ 英文]- 內心痛苦

      ...heart.3. It is a hurt to my heart.4. My heart feels hurt.He is suffering from something He suffers from something Suffer 大多指實際痛苦如生病、受傷等,未必...

    • 請問 deprssion 和 depressant 的不同?

      ...病理學】機能降低,抑鬱症。 Atmospheric depression 低(氣)壓。 Nervous depression 神經衰弱。 Suffer from [be affected with] depression 患神經衰弱症。 Depressant 形容詞 1.【醫學】有鎮靜作用...

    • increase in 和 increasing 語意差異

      ...sea surface temperatures during the same period. (C) creatures of the seabed were suffering because food supplies were dwindling, possibly resulting from increasing...