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  1. sugar loaf


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    • 替我把以下的中文翻成英文都是生活用品

      ...nappy / malt liquor 沙糖:granulated sugar 方糖:cube sugar / lump sugar / sugar / loaf sugar 沙拉油:salad oil 口香糖:chewing gum / gum 刮鬍刀:razor 衛生綿...

    • 英文〝a xxx of〞後面可接?

      ...jar of jam a slice of cheese a piece of bread a sachet of money a teaspoon of sugar a package of mail a six-pack of drink a dozen of pencil a loaf of bread a roll of film a tube of tooth paste 窩不確定全部都會對噢!!

    • sheep的用法

      ...a cup of milk a glass of water a sheet of paper a piece of meat a bag of flour a loaf bread a pound of sugar a bottle of wine 2015-01-23 18:37:59 補充: typo: a loaf of bread