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  1. suggest

    • IPA[səˈdʒest]



    • vt.
    • 過去式:suggested 過去分詞:suggested 現在分詞:suggesting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • vt.
    • 1. 建議

      I suggest a little walk 我建議去散會兒步

      the company suggested that I resign or should resign 公司建議我辭職

    • 2. 推薦

      may I suggest a white wine with this dish? 我可以推薦一種白葡萄酒來配這道菜嗎?

      who do you suggest for the job? 你推薦誰來做這份工作?

    • 3. 認為

      the truth, I suggest, is different 依我看,事實並非如此

      can you suggest how he managed to do it? 你能不能說說他是如何做到的?

    • 4. 表明

      the symptoms suggest a minor heart attack 症狀顯示這是輕微的心臟病發作

      what do these results suggest to you? 你覺得這些結果說明甚麼呢?

    • 5. 使人想到

      what did the sound suggest to you? 那聲音讓你想到了甚麼?

    • 6. 暗示

      I would never suggest such a thing 我決不會有這樣的意思

      are you suggesting I’m lazy? 你言下之意是說我懶嗎?

  2. 知識+

    • suggest?recommend?

      suggest” 給別人一般的想法, “recommend...的選擇或選項是最好的, I suggest that you wear a nice suit for tonight'...all, what your adviser suggests, you might know it, you just didn't...

    • suggest的用法

      suggest比較客氣的建議別人 如果是propose就會較強勢些 1.suggest+ving ex.他建議去聽音樂會 He suggested...建議? What did you suggest to the manager. 4.suggest itself to....(想法)浮現在心中 ex.我想起一個主意...

    • suggest的用法?

      解答如下 suggest的用法有以下兩種 suggest 的用法 1.suggest + that + S+ (should) + V→名詞子句(當受詞) 2.suggest + Ving 3.例如 I suggest that you (should) stay home. I suggest staying home. 4.類似的用法...