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  1. suggest

    • IPA[sə(ɡ)ˈjest]


    • v.
      put forward for consideration;cause one to think that (something) exists or is the case
    • verb: suggest, 3rd person present: suggests, gerund or present participle: suggesting, past tense: suggested, past participle: suggested

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    • IPA[səˈdʒɛst]


    • v.
      put forward for consideration: I suggest that we wait a day or two ‘Maybe you ought to get an expert,’ she suggested

    Oxford Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • suggest?recommend?

      suggest” 給別人一般的想法, “recommend...的選擇或選項是最好的, I suggest that you wear a nice suit for tonight'...all, what your adviser suggests, you might know it, you just didn't...

    • suggest的用法

      suggest比較客氣的建議別人 如果是propose就會較強勢些 1.suggest+ving ex.他建議去聽音樂會 He suggested...建議? What did you suggest to the manager. 4.suggest itself to....(想法)浮現在心中 ex.我想起一個主意...

    • suggest propose 問題請教

      ...the station to meet our guests. 錯誤, that子句無動詞. 9.I suggest that we go to the park on Sunday. 正確. 10.I suggest we go to the...