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    • Order為什麼不算使役動詞 add these other commonones: ask (=order), allow, command, compel, convince, encourage, employ, entice...hire, induce, insist, motivate, permit, persuade, require, suggest, and urge. Each needs to work on an operative verb for the latter's action to...

    • 請高手看看這樣翻譯有沒有錯誤*︿︿*增10點

      ...valuable in integrating the literature and suggesting future research opportunities. 我們... and further integrates work across disciplines in order to advance the field of knowledge management...

    • 請幫我解說一題英文

      應該改成 To, 因為句子有“為了~目的“(in order to) 的語意。原句For alleviate就錯了,alleviate是動詞,在for後面的話要...