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  1. suicide

    • IPA[ˈso͞oəˌsīd]


    • n.
      the action of killing oneself intentionally;a person who commits suicide
    • v.
      intentionally kill oneself
    • noun: suicide, plural noun: suicides

    • 釋義


    • 1. the action of killing oneself intentionally he committed suicide at the age of forty drug-related suicides
    • a person who commits suicide a stretch of the line popular with would-be suicides
    • a course of action that is disastrously damaging to oneself or one's own interests it would be political suicide to restrict criteria for unemployment benefits
    • relating to or denoting a violent act or attack carried out by a person who does not expect to survive it a suicide blast caused more deaths
    • 2. US a running drill consisting of a sprint to a set point (especially a line on a basketball court) and back to the start, immediately followed by additional sprints of lengthening distances we shot free throws and if we missed we ran suicides


    • 1. intentionally kill oneself he leaves the service and then suicides