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  1. suit the action to the word

    • carry out one's stated intentions
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    • carry out one's stated intentions

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    • 請翻譯”坐言起行”的英文

      ...的話,以「起而行」完成「坐而言」,行動與言語相符合,請參考莎翁名句:Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.(

    • 翻譯--徙木立信--10點

      ...spread 100,very fast get about the whole.The common people knows business 鞅 suits the action to the word,all daring not the new ordinance that doubt his promulgation,business the 鞅...

    • 幫我翻譯英文~蠻長的~so~20點相送

      1.透過引起注意力開始. 你一定說, 當然, 當你想爭取、提及某特定職務,或者你怎麼得知那訊息時。但是, 須避免冗長的前言, 取而代之的是: 我想申請你在8月10日,星期日的<< 洛杉機時報>>裡做廣告的法律秘書的職位 2 . 透過描述你的資格繼續。強調你...