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  1. summer pudding


    • n.
      a pudding of soft summer fruit encased in bread or sponge.
    • noun: summer pudding, plural noun: summer puddings

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    • 請幫我想想這個英文題目該怎麼表達

      ...and Cream 草莓加糖粉和鮮奶油,是道廣受喜愛的甜點。 夏日布丁 Summer Pudding 麵包外殼整個浸在柔軟水果餡的醬汁中。 黃瓜三明治 Cucumber ...

    • 請幫忙增加及修改!!!

      ... more and more people to love it. my favorite taiwanese food is tufu pudding that i like to have it especially during the summer time and let's enjoy it right away. 我也不知道這樣可不可以,僅提供一點參考...

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      ... etc.. The taste of it is more tender than pudding, sometimes when you eat it, it will just melt in your mouth... another hand, it is a very suitable food for the summer time, when the summer comes, we must try the cold sweeten...