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  1. summer slide

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    • 請問這兩句為何have和has不一樣?

      助動詞: does 或是does not (doesn't) 後面都要接原形動詞, Example: I do not have pencil she doesn't belong here

    • 幫我把國語翻成英文

      Summer came, my family and I went to Ilan "toys section" play in the water... They would go play in the water. First we went to play in the water bed, and then play water slide, we look to noon Sitting position to eat lunch and the famous curry, afternoon grooming, you eat buffet on the home...

    • 關於四季的形容詞?

      ..., shoveling, silent, jolly, wood burning, sliding, sledding, caroling, tree trimming...png 圖片參考: 圖片參考: