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  1. summit conference


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    • between the two leaders的意思?

      ...05 17:16:10 補充: 2.As this is an overseas project, we should hold a summit conference among the people concerned. 因為這是海外工程,所以我們應該舉行一個相關...

    • 麻煩檢查中翻英內容對嗎?分兩篇

      ... several key essential factors:1st, explicit conference goal: The conference goal needs beforehand to write in the summit agenda, president as soon as starts in the conference to be supposed...

    • 新聞英文文法&翻譯

      .... As a result of that failure, the summit partners did not seem unhappy that ... are scheduled to have a joint news conference…… 的確,所有的高峰會參加者已經清楚地表達他們不...