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  1. summon up


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    • 1. 鼓起;引起 She summoned up her courage and stepped in. 她鼓起勇氣走了進去。
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    • 一段中文的中翻英 很急 !!!!

      ... to you. The Christmas joyful festival of this year, summoned up courage to lift a pen to write down a wish finally, hope you can next year everything satisfactorily...

    • 請幫我修改這篇英文短文的文法及錯字

      ...我們到曾文水庫參加了公民訓練。 During the two-days trip,we summoned up our team spirit and strived our best to fight for honor...

    • 請問這段英文翻譯成中文是啥意思?

      法則: 女生秘訣── 今夜,或妳的首、二次約會結束,熱吻之後(其實首次約會不該熱吻),他問妳明天是否可以再見? 發出妳甜得不能再甜的聲音,說:「對不起喲,我另有約了。」