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    super film
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    • 請幫我翻譯成英文 全民超人的影評 (20)

      ... the seriousness of the original question, after the first half of the super hero film is the beginning of overcharging, from the birth of a villain...

    • 請幫我看一下這句英文寫的對不對

      大家討論這樣多,其實只要改兩個文法大錯,本句是個通順的句子 This film describes a girl, Trace, who wants to be a super star, even if her mother disagrees with her.

    • 文法挑錯求觧答

      ... 一部非常關心原住民的影片吸引了我們. 原句可寫為A film which is concerned with aborigines very much attracts...