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  1. supplant

    • IPA[səˈplant]


    • v.
      supersede and replace
    • verb: supplant, 3rd person present: supplants, gerund or present participle: supplanting, past tense: supplanted, past participle: supplanted

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    • IPA[səˈplɑːnt]


    • v.
      supersede and replace: domestic production has been supplanted by imports and jobs have been lost

    Oxford Dictionary

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      ... influence gave way to that of the US, which in turn was supplanted by the Soviet Union. 主要子句:British influence ...

    • 請幫我造這些單字的英文造句 in the convent. 修女們住在修道院中。 4. The duke plotted to supplant the king. 公爵陰謀要取代國王的地位。 希望有幫助喔!有疑問歡迎跟我說...

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      ...-off  a. ( 形容詞 adjective ) 3. 【俚】 受排斥的,受排擠的 supplant  vt. ( 及物動詞 transitive verb ) 1. 取代;(用策略、陰謀手段、權力)排擠...