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  1. supplementary benefit


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    • 幫我翻成英文~謝謝ㄜ

      .... Does not use the time which enrolls in supplementary lessons, I and the father and mother go to the...electricity generation, has brought the very big benefit to us, we in this appreciation happy nature, after a while...

    • 很急~煩請英文達人幫我修改英文自傳

      ...primary time also arrives the cram school to study English for the future benefits;I graduated from the junior high school which is near my...

    • 請各位大大幫我翻譯一下我的自傳!!3q~

      ...怎樣"沒看過你的原文, 所以不知道怎麼糾正, 抱歉喔! 建議四: "I benefit a lot from my parents education." 這樣寫的意思是: "我從...