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  1. supplies

    • supply的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      供給,供應,提供[O1][(+to/for/with)] Our farm supplies the market with fruits and vegetables. 我們的農場為市場提供水果和蔬菜。 We supply power to the three nearby towns. 我們對附近的三個城鎮提供電力。
    • n.
      供給,供應[U] They are engaged in the supply of small parts for replacement. 他們從事提供備用小零件的工作。
    • adj.
      有……提供的;備有……的;被供給的;被提供的 Of all the supplied help, food and medicine are the most important. 在所有被提供的援助之中,食物和藥品是最重要的。
    • n.
      供應量 supplies of food are almost exhausted 儲存的食物快吃完了 an inexhaustible supply of jokes 講不完的笑話
    • npl.
      補給品 our supplies were running out 我們的補給快用完了 a transport plane carrying food and medical supplies 一架運送食物和醫療用品的運輸機
    • vt.
      供應 they were accused of supplying arms to the rebels 他們被指控向叛亂者提供武器 the hens supply more eggs than we can eat 母雞下的蛋多得我們吃不完
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      【香港】 水務署


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      【英】= substitute teacher
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