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  1. supply chain

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    • what is supply chain?

      ...只列了一些重點.希望對你有用. -"A supply chain is the sequence of organizations...importance of e-commerce 7. The complexity of supply chains 8. The need to manage inventories...

    • 關於”供應鏈SUPPLY CHAIN” 定義的問題

      Supply chain: logistic plus relationshp from supplier to customer 供應鍊: 定義包含...奶精 還是全糖的泡沫紅茶送到你的手中 對泡沫紅茶店來說就是 Supply chain: logisitics plus relationships from supplier to...

    • supply chain metrics 怎麼翻譯啊??

      supply chain metrics 供應鏈度規 補充: 供應鏈度規 (或 測量) 譬如存貨輪、週期...