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  1. supply department

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    • 請忙作以下的回答及英文翻譯(非常緊急)

      ... grinds book show library in 13.1990 14. Ancient style prose 15. Supplies dining department's student as practice 16. 13 lines of cultures 17. ...

    • distribution 是甚麼意思

      ... it may be warehoused or shipped to the next echelon in the supply chain, typically either a distributor, retailer or consumer. The other three ...

    • 請英翻中不要是網路翻譯的

      ... on companywide goals, not those of a single department. 為了使預測有佳的準確性,給員工的獎金和獎勵應基於... on sales forecasts, they may supply misleading data in order to keep forecasts...