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  1. supply line


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    • 這2句英文句子翻成中文要怎麼翻比較順啊?

      ...裝載物) 。 2.Remove cap from the camlock fitting and connect the supply line to the 2" male camlock fitting present on the flexitank. Supply...

    • 請專業醫學人士入內 急需幫忙

      ...紅塞子好讓殘留在靜脈的空氣流出去使其不會影響後面的作業。 the blood supply line clamp and let some of the fluid enter the empty bag. 鬆開血供液的線鉗子讓一些流體...

    • 英文strike和contrary/opposite用法

      ...空襲 The commander decided to make an air strike on the enemy's supply line. 指揮官決定空襲敵人的補給線。 2009-08-27 01:11:20 補充: 罷工,罷課,罷市...