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  1. supposed to

    • ph.
      可以; 應該
    • 釋義


    • 1. 可以; 應該 You're not supposed to smoke in here. 你不可以在這兒抽菸。
  2. 知識+

    • be supposed to 文法一問

      supposed在這裡的意思是〔應該,認為必須〕 be + supposed + to 被動形式時是〔被認為應該,被認為必須 的語氣比 should 強);過去式的 "be supposed to" 意為「本該發生的事,但實際上卻沒...

    • be supposed to與was/were going

      ...原本)是要去看電影的" 而 we were supposed to see a movie 是指 "我們原本應該要去看...者 were going to 及 were supposed to 用法很類似 交替著使用也是常有及允許的...

    • 請問 should 跟 supposed to的差別

      ...先洗手;應該說抱歉。等等都是用should。 supposed to 假定;我期待你應作的事;猜測應是如此...期待給十元,請寫: You were supposed to give him 10 bucks. 所以說,should...