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  1. sure enough

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      (用以表示所發生的與預料的相符)果然如此; 果真
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    • 1. (用以表示所發生的與預料的相符)果然如此; 果真 I said it would happen, and sure enough it did. 我說過要有這樣的事, 果然如此。 We said things would turn out well, and sure enough they did. 我們說過情況會好轉的, 果然如此。
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    • Sure enough什麼意思啊?

      sure enough 果真, 的的確確; 一定, 毫無疑問He will come sure enough. 他必來無疑。Sure enough, 80 percent of the plants developed the disease. 果然,80%的莊稼都染上了這種病。

    • 我想要知道sure enough 要怎麼翻譯?

      基本上要看前後文字才能決定他們的翻譯 sure enough 單就這樣來說是 "理所當然" "一定" came out 則是"...

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      ... , but the Yankees hadn't even played in one . Sure enough , after the sale , the Red Sox started losing , and the...