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    • 1. 當然 I have been luckier than a lot of people, sure thing, but that doesn't mean I am satisfied with things as they are. 我一直比很多人幸運, 當然這並不說明我已滿足現狀。 Do you want to come too? sure thing! “你也想來嗎?” “當然了!”



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    • sure thing??

      sure thing :一言為定。 2013-07-05 09:25:47 補充: many thanks,lots of thanks pretty thanks ? 英文裡沒有這種用法。

    • 英文諺語 翻譯

      這兩句話源自Peter Drucker 的名言 "Managers make sure things get done right and leaders make sure the right things get ...

    • 請問Phillies Hesitation Rule是什麼?

      1964年球季費城人隊('64 Phillies) 在季賽最後剩下12場比賽時, 還有 6.5 場的勝差戰績獨走國聯, 誰知道接下來10連敗, 季末在國聯居次. 所以說 We can never call it a sure thing until the title is clinched 不到最後不知勝負.