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    • 英文文法和副詞用法

      ...much sugar in his blood. In which 是代替 in this condition 2.副詞用法 exactly eventually absolutely totally definitely surely 等等這些常見的副詞.怎麼用.當他們是形容詞的時候又怎麼用呢 謝謝 exactly...

    • 請教 for sure 的用法

      ...這些文法書教你的規則,只要去想; for sure = sure/certain = surely/certainly 例1. It is for sure he...he is wrong. 作為副詞來修飾動詞know的確定性。 用法很簡單,只是文法書"敘述"的太複雜罷了。

    • 請問英文的用法- * - * ----急!

      ...kind-hearted 心腸好的 He is a man with such a kind heart that he will surely help us. →He is such a kind-hearted man that he will surely...