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    • 有關於英文問題的單字,請快點回答,20點喔

      surf duck→海浪鴨子 2010-11-05 20:50:05 補充: surf是衝浪 duck是鴨子 2010-11-05...可以去奇摩字典 2010-11-05 21:56:01 補充: surf duck合拼是黑鳧. 海鳧 北半球的鳥類,是海鳥的一種, 學名:黑海番鴨 黑海番鴨(學名...

    • 英文口試~要翻譯 "即須~~

      ...really not delicious to eat Beijing Roast Duck, is it is it view and admire oriental cherry to... go to Hawaii to enjoy the pleasant sensation that surf again, I still fight with the shark. Is it go...

    • 特急件 中翻英20點

      ... Taxi's honeymoon bay to have the surfing good environment; Also has the famous hot spring... famous special product: Tristar onion. The duck enjoys. Ox-tongue cake. Dry fruit...