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  1. surf-riding

    • n.
      another term for surfing
    • noun: surf-riding

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    • 英文自我介紹

      ...原先的句子會變成,『有一個姊/妹,然後我跟爸媽一起住』 I like to ride bicycle and surf the interment.     ride my bicycle and surf the net/internet. **bicycle是可數名詞...

    • 英文演講3分鐘~~急 希望10/28能幫我訂正一下

      ... think it is healthy and relaxing for us. Net surfing and bike-riding are my favorite hobbies, and I am eager to cultivate...

    • 英文文章翻譯 幫幫忙

      ... floor only.Outdoor activities including golf,horse-riding,wind-surfing,fishing and boat trips. 另在一樓備有無殘障空間設備.戶外活動包括...