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  1. surface area


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    • 英文-英翻中-關於sensor

      In order to assure a well-defined surface area, where the heat flux is measured, ...than 0.5 mm) silicon layer, since outside the sensing area there is no voltage difference between the two ...

    • 一些英文翻譯,感恩(20點)

      ...and the "surface effect." This is because the increased surface area, surface and interface in an increase in the number of atoms, a substantial...

    • 英文三題求解

      ...2013-03-18 20:44:52 補充: 阿賢第一題回答得也很有道理, 但是我覺得若是選the surface area, 也有可能指到食物的surface area, 所以應該是surrounding, 也就是環繞著...