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  1. surface tension


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    • 英文句子翻譯 →意思相近即可!

      Ink and oil surface tension compared to Shui Yaoxiao, therefore by the water surface tension...dissimilar, moreover both will mix in together, will therefore form a separately on the water surface design.

    • 跪求強者協助英文翻譯~ 這篇非常非常的緊急

      ...35 補充: Arrows indicate the effects of hydrostatic pressure (black) and surface tension force (red) on the gas/liquid interface. 箭頭顯示靜水學的壓力(黑)和表面張力(紅...

    • 化妝品製造的7大類~~幫翻英文20點喔

      ...and oil), in order to make it become milk form or frost and form material , the alternate surface tension that the active pharmaceutical of interface can reduce two liquid , stabilize emulsification to make...