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  1. surgeries

    • surgery的名詞複數
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    • 急!!! 誰能幫我寫英文作文Plastic surgery

      Plastic Surgery Plastic sugery can be beneficial or unhealthy depends on how it..., but it can also lead to mental or physical illness. The plastic surgery can be an addiction. Some people such as a famous star, Michael ...

    • surgery與operation的差別

      surgery= medical operation, 指的是手術, 是不可數名詞 operation= work or medical process, 有兩種意思, 一是"作業", "運作"; 另一個意思同surgery, 指的是手術, 但operation 是可數名詞 因此, 正確的用法是 perform surgery, perform...

    • ”surgery” and ”operation”?

      surgery That branch of medical science dealing with the treatment of injuries...