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    • 高中英文surprise

      ...00 補充: 不好意思字連住ㄌ lion king→獅子王 chicken soup→雞湯 而surprising attack 文法正確 亦可使用 例如:surprising speed He reacted...

    • 英文單字...怎麼拼?

      羽毛 1.Feather 翅膀 1.Wing 巫婆 1.Witch 偷襲 1.sneak attack 2.sneak raid 3.surprise attack 乘涼 1.enjoy the cool 2.relax in a cool place

    • 很難的英文翻譯...英文魔人請入內 (中翻英)

      ...air, anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare. It is able to lunch a surprise attack operation and take on responsibilities of protection, patrol, guard, reconnaissance...