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  1. surrounded

    • surround的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      圍,圍繞;圈住[H][(+with/by)] Trees surround our house. 我們房子的四周都是樹。
    • n.[C]
    • n.
      環境;周圍的事物[P] He didn't pay much attention to his surroundings. 他沒有多注意他周圍的環境。
    • adj.
      周圍的;附近的[B] Foxes started coming in from the surrounding countryside. 狐狸開始從附近的鄉下跑進來。
    • surround的名詞複數
    • vt.
      環繞 to be surrounded by or with sth. 被某物環繞 I'm surrounded by books at home 我家裡到處都是書
    • n.
      邊; 飾邊
    • npl.
    • adj.
    • n.
      環繞立體聲 a surround sound system 環繞立體聲系統
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      Surrounded people react who you will be in next stage of your level. 猜想要表達的意思...的人反映出以你的程度下一階段將成為怎樣的人。” 句子用字建議加以修改為”Surrounding people reflect who you will be in the next stage of your level.”