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    • [Hong Kong] cage home or metal cage home, is a type of residence that is only large enough for one bunk bed surrounded by a metal cage. It is also being referred as bedspace apartment.
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    • a land of one province or county enclosed by that of another

    • surrounded by hills and water

    • [Geography] Midway Islands (two small islands and a surrounding coral atoll in the central Pacific Ocean northwest of Honolulu, discovered in 1859, annexed by the United States in 1867 and remain a U.S. territory with an important naval base)

    • [Meteorology] valley breeze (an anabatic wind, it is formed during the day by the heating of the valley floor. As the ground becomes warmer than the surrounding atmosphere, the lower levels of air heat and rise, flowing up the mountainsides. It blows in the opposite direction of a mountain breeze)

    • enclosed by the hills on one side and waters on the other; surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other; near the mountain and by the river

    • surrounded by hills

    • in (some place)

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    • to encircle

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    • to fish by casting a net

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