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  1. swallow up


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 吞沒;淹沒 The plane was swallowed up in the clouds. 飛機消失在雲層之中。
    • 2. 侵佔
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    • swallow相關詞類及用法

      ...用一杯水吞下了這些藥丸。 2. 淹沒,吞沒;吞併[(+up)] The waves swallowed up the little boat. 波浪吞沒了小船。 3. 耗盡,用盡[(+up)] The increase in...

    • 請求翻譯-雙城記其中的一句話 announcing that arrangements were made for the swallowing up of London and Westminster. 這個句構應該是這樣 = Mrs...

    • 英文句子的排序

      ...always showed up on New Year's Eve. c. It could swallow up several people in one bite. g. People couldn't sleep on New Year...